Hillary Clinton to attend conference on internet freedom in The Hague

On 9 December 2011, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will take part in a conference entitled ‘Freedom Online: Joint Action for Free Expression on the Internet’. The conference will be hosted by Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal. Also taking part will be ministers from Canada, Estonia, Kenya, Sweden and Tunisia.

The conference is intended to forge an international coalition of countries that – together with businesses, international organisations and civil society – will make a stand for freedom of expression on the internet, especially on behalf of cyber dissidents and bloggers. The participating countries will also work with technology companies to develop ways of protecting internet freedom in countries where it is under pressure.

Businesses taking part in the conference will include Facebook, Google, Twitter and a number of telecoms companies. Also present will be Human Rights Watch and Free Press Unlimited. You can follow the conference live via Facebook (ifreedom2011) and Twitter (@ ifreedom_2011), and you can join in the discussion online.