Minbuza.nl migrating to Rijksoverheid.nl

Information in English to appear on Government.nl

This month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will move its corporate website, Minbuza.nl, to the central government website, Rijksoverheid.nl. The English-language pages will migrate to Government.nl.

The migration will take place gradually. Some Minbuza.nl pages have already closed down. Visitors to them are automatically transferred to the corresponding new pages on Rijksoverheid.nl and Government.nl. Next week, more pages will follow. The migration should be complete by the end of October 2012.

Email addresses at our Ministry will remain unchanged – as will the Dutch embassies’ websites.

Once the migration is complete, all news from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will appear on Rijksoverheid.nl. If you want to stay subscribed to our Ministry’s news, please register for the Rijksoverheid.nl subscription service (in Dutch). If you want to be kept informed in English, please subscribe to the newsletters of the Government of the Netherlands.

If you work for a media organisation, please register for the press release service.