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71 ‘More countries should sign up to the International Criminal Court'

The Netherlands has called on all countries to accede to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which is based in The Hague.

72 Netherlands welcomes Syria transition plan

The Netherlands has welcomed the proposed transition plan for Syria and the call for a government of national unity agreed by the permanent members of the UN Security Council in Geneva on Saturday.

73 Rosenthal positive about Kunduz mission

In a parliamentary debate today on the progress made by the Dutch police training mission in the Afghan province Kunduz, foreign minister Uri Rosenthal emphasised once more the mission’s great importance.

74 Knapen welcomes publication of guidance on safe abortion

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published an updated version of its guidance on safe abortion. The Netherlands has been pressing for years for this publication, which provides a valuable instrument to challenge the silence surrounding abortion in many countries where it is still a taboo subject. Unsafe abortion costs the lives of millions of women every year; many others suffer permanent injury.

75 NATO and the Netherlands support Turkey

‘NATO and the Netherlands support Turkey,’ said foreign minister Uri Rosenthal, following an incident last Friday where a Turkish aircraft was shot down by Syria. ‘I’m glad that NATO has met to hold consultations. We are behind Turkey. NATO strongly condemned Syria’s actions.’

76 TEDxBinnenhof: live, round-the-world broadcast showcasing Dutch innovation

At the TEDxBinnenhof Catwalk for Innovation on 25 June, 10 inspiring Dutch speakers will present trailblazing ideas for tackling global challenges. Their talks will cover such subjects as pollution, the cost of health care, the loss of biodiversity, climate change and natural resources, food and energy shortages. A total of 39 Dutch embassies and consulates will be taking part in the event and organising ‘viewing parties’ of business people, researchers and investors, to spotlight the Netherlands as a home to world-class innovation.

77 Knapen speaks with young people at Rio

‘The future you want you’ll have to make yourself. It’s good to see you working hard to get there, because you can’t leave it all to governments.’ This was development minister Ben Knapen’s message on Thursday to international youth representatives at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Brazil.

78 Rosenthal meets members of Syria Committee

On Wednesday, foreign minister Uri Rosenthal held talks with members of the Syria Committee. Last year several of its members organised ‘Jasmine Square’, a meeting place for the Syrian community. In addition to demonstrations, it hosts political debates on Syria, e.g. with members of parliament, and takes part in international consultations with members of the Syrian opposition.

79 Knapen on Rio+20: less than hoped for, more than expected

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, has delivered less than the Netherlands had hoped for, but more than was expected. International affairs minister Ben Knapen gave this verdict after arriving in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday.

80 The Netherlands to invest in natural capital accounting

At home and abroad, the Netherlands is going to promote the use of economic indicators that put a price on the ‘services’ provided by nature (ecosystem services). As Ben Knapen, Minister for European Development and International Cooperation, explained: ‘This way, we’ll be able to establish the real price of, for instance, a kilo of rice. Now, we don’t pay for the water used in rice production.’